Bound To Create Theatre

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B2C offers classes and workshops of its philosophies and techniques to anyone interested in beginning or developing a career in Acting, Directing, Movement, Devised Theatre, and Stage Combat to professional artists as well as to anyone interested in getting to know themselves, and the world around them better through the practices of theatre. The training is designed for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist. Bound to Create offers six-week programs, weekend intensives, as well as private and semi private coaching. Admission to the workshops are done by interview or audition for beginners, and either through audition or resume evaluation for the more advanced actor.


Private Coaching

Here we focus directly on each individual's needs and shape the technique to those needs. Private coaching is available at the studio, as well as on location, on set, or at any other venue agreed upon by the coach and student.

Scene Study Workshop

These classes are aimed at finding the best choices when approaching a script. It gives beginners the necessary skills for breaking down a scene, and playing it. For more advanced actors, it delves deeply into scene analysis, and the actor's emotional, physical and intellectual muscles. This class is very useful in film as well.

Voice and Movement

Study a variety of techniques and approaches to the voice and movement such as Integration, Yoga, Physical and Vocal Improvisation, Rhythm, Sound Body Centering and Neutral Mask, as well as warm-ups and exercises that can be used everyday as well as in performance.

Mini Camps

The mini camp is a youth based program, which take place both in the summer or on weekends during the school year. Here students play many acting games and exercises and put on a final performance of a piece they have written, directed, produced and stared in themselves.

Audition Workshop

So you've got your foot in the door. Now what? The audition becomes a calling card for the actor. The pressure is immense as every audition counts. See what you can do to be remembered, how to use your skills to your advantage, and how to nail the part.

Improvisation Workshop

Beginner and Intermediate classes are offered in the art of improvisation. An essential tool to any actor, these workshops cover basic games and scenarios which work the actor's imagination and train the actor to think quickly while developing chemistry with others by listening and playing off each other. The Intermediate class goes a step further by deepening the work and moving into Long Form Improv and Characterization.

Shakespeare Workshop

Learn how to approach Shakespeare's text by studying techniques that have been developed directly from the Globe Theatre in London, England. Learn how to make both prose and verse accessible to the actor and to the audience.

The Conservatory Program (Coming Soon)

The Conservatory Program covers a wide range of areas relating to the theatre. These include acting, movement, voice, theatre histories and styles, relaxation, improvisation and scene study as well as business techniques. The 8 month program is designed to enrich the actor with a well-rounded knowledge of the industry and craft The program does not only provide technique but also focuses on each student and his or her specific needs. If, after this period of training, the student wishes to go further in his/her training, intensive workshops and private coaching are available to them.

Special Guest

Keep checking back as guest speakers from all areas of the industry share secrets, shortcuts and advice on how to succeed in the business.

" A devastatingly gorgeous production...visually arresting, metaphorically rigorous staging, beautifully simple and utterly compelling. "
- Dispositio