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Hedda Noir


Adapted by Jack Grinhaus

From the play Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen

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People say ‘stop and smell the roses’ as a way to appreciate the simple things in life… To take the time to see things, rare and beautiful. But what does that mean when you live in the ‘City of Roses’? When they’re not so rare. When you can’t appreciate them? Then what?  – Judge Brack

Hedda Noir was first produced at Theatre NorthWest in Prince George, British Columbia from Feb 15 – Mar 4, 2018 with the following Cast and Creative team:


Hedda Gabler – Lauren Brotman
George Tesman – Ian Farthing
Julia Tesman – Deborah Drakeford
Elliot Lovborg – Ray Strachan
Thea Elvstead – Sharmila Dey
Judge Brack – Stewart Arnott



Director – Jack Grinhaus
Stage Manager – Heather Thompson
Assistant Director – Melissa Glover
Set Design – Brian Ball
Lighting Design – John Webber
Costume Design – Jeff Chief
Apprentice Stage Manager – Michael Kast

Photography by Philomena Hughes

The original adaptation added a film noir feel that created a fast paced and exciting production that drew national recognition along with Jack Grinhaus and Lauren Brotman named as Co-Artist of the Year 2018 by the PG Citizen.

Responses included:


To savour this acting clinic rolled up into a smoldering cigarette of lavish costumes and stunning sets, go to TNW before this dark, smoky mystery case is closed. Brotman establishes herself as a Wonder Woman of the Canadian stage! – PG Citizen

A great set, combined with superlative mood setting lighting, music, costumes, direction, world class acting and Jack Grinhaus' adaptation, makes Hedda Noir a must see. What great talent!!        - Patron.

After the show I felt I had a weight on my shoulders and didn’t know what that feeling was. I realized that Hedda had lumped all her emotional turmoil on the audience and we had to bear it with her. Amazing … we all were carrying that weight and it made all of us and all our body parts, including our hands, heavy. - Patron


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