Elle's Valley Final Poster.jpeg

Elle's Valley

by Lauren Brotman and Adam K Wilson, based on a concept by Jack Grinhaus


Kaleb Alexander 

Lauren Brotman

Deborah Drakeford

Adam K Wilson


Director: Jack Grinhaus

Director of Photography: Steve Haining

Producer: Riva Lombardi, Lauren Brotman, Jack Grinhaus

First Assistant Director: Pip Dwyer

Sound Recordist: Benjamin Barton

Sound/Score: Dimitar Pentchev

Editor: Anthony Puddu

First Assistant Camera: Clinton Andrews

Hair and Make up: Katie Brown

Lara Berry: Costume Designer

Grip: Dillon Lobo

Production Assistant: Ece Gokcek, Kyle Perez

Production Assistant/Grip Help: Jamie Norrie

Production Photography: Mauro Carlini

Catering: Odessa Guindon

Special Thanks to ACTRA, Hamilton Health Sciences, L&M Bakers Supply Co