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The Complex: A Toronto Tale


by Jack Grinhaus

World Premiere

A part of the 2010 Toronto International Fringe Festival

July 1-11, 2010

Based on interviews with Torontonians, The Complex: A Toronto Tale is an intense parabolic play that explores what it means to be a Torontonian. This innovative, visceral fusion of text-based and physical-theatre traces the memories of four survivors of a Canada Day fire and explores how each of their lives and personal struggles relate to the eccentricities and stresses that come from living in Toronto.

A tale of four rooms, wound together in a Robert Lepage – esque type of movement piece… you will leave knowing you have just watched the future of theatre in Toronto -Mooney on Theatre.


Tim - Dale Yim

Arty - Robert Fulton

Hamhawk - Paolo Mancini

John - Geoff Kolomayz 

Lucinda - Katherine Duncanson 

Oscar - Jerrold Karch

Alevia - Lauren Brotman

Frank - Richard Stewart


Director - Jack Grinhaus

Stage Manager - Scott Seetoo

Associate Producer - Alexandra Breede

Production Manager - Erin Birkenbergs

Assistant Director - Alexandra Ackerman

Set and Design - Joanna Yu

Lighting Design - Kimberley Purtell

Sound Design - Lyon Smith

Costume Design - Travis Lahay

Dramaturgy - Byron Laviollete

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