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Currently in Development

She Carries Me Again

Written by Lauren Brotman

Two women. Trapped.

An over-extended health care system.

One's ill body threatens her mind.

The other's ill mind threatens her body.

They collide, propelled to discover that

The devastating imprisonment they share

Will allow them to  transcend to freedom.


Lauren Brotman | Playwrght/ Actor 

Judith Thompson | Dramaturge

Philip Akin | Director

Jack Grinhaus | Producer

Nancy Palk | Actor 

Jeanie Calleja| Actor 

Katerina Sokyrko | Stage Manager


Currently in Development

Painting the Streets

Created and performed by

Lauren Brotman and Amy Blanding

Beth and Ally are two women with distinctly different world views and life stories; by a twist of fate, their paths begin to merge as each seeks to make a new life for herself in Northern British Columbia. As observers of this narrative, we become privy to their complicated and confusing internal dialogue, as both women begin to question their assumptions about the world. Humorous and achingly raw, ‘Painting the Streets’ attempts to capture the multifaceted, colourful, and complex nature of humanity as we struggle to live, contribute, and evolve.