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Phaedra's Lust



Adaptation and Libretto by Lauren Brotman

In Association with Tapestry New Opera

World Premiere
Music by Romeo Candido

March 25, 2011

The story of Phaedra has been debated for over 2000 years: a woman struck by an obsessive lust and passion for her son Hipploytus. What is most intriguing to us is that the passion arrives instantly. Using texts by Seneca, Racine and Sarah Kane, this non-linear experimental physical theatre piece explores the inner workings of Phaedra’s mind at the moment she is struck with the instant passion that becomes her downfall.  

... Bound to Create Theatre’s Phaedra’s Lust made more erotic use of the steps under Jack Grinhaus’s direction... the action moved up and down the staircase, and it was exciting to have all that passion, in both text and movement form, spilling over the central railing to the audience sitting opposite. - Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine


Phaedra - Lauren Brotman

Furies - Kaleb Alexander, Jamie Maczko, Andrew Loder, and Derek Kwan


Director - Jack Grinhaus

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